Important Precautionary Measures to Take While Cooking to Avoid Corona Virus

At present, the coronavirus has spread across the world quite fast. The instances of people suffering from this disease are increasing continuously. Remember, a lockdown has been declared across India already and people are asked to stay at home.

In such a scenario, it is not adequate to just stay in the home but is also of utmost importance to make the house dirt-free so that you can stay away from the danger of corona. Here are some of the tips that you can refer to:

  • Clean the kitchen surface before cooking
  • Wash each utensil before cooking
  • Keep washing hands often while cooking
  • Avoid eating raw vegetables
  • Clean the chopping board as well
  • When preparing a non-vegetarian dish, wash it thoroughly, boil it and then cook it.
  • Refrain from eating food stored in the refrigerator
  • Eat only fully cooked food
  • Wash vegetables in warm water and then cook them
  • Clean utensils thoroughly
  • Place the kitchen waste in the dustbin
  • After you are done with cooking, clean the kitchen surface thoroughly.

These are some simple tips to follow to avoid corona while cooking.

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