Top 8 Exercise To Quick Weight Loss From Tummy

weight loss from tummy

As the junk food and sugary products are becoming the most favorite diet for most of the world’s population, obesity has become the biggest medical problem as it can result in various other medicals issues such as diabetes, heart diseases arthritis etc. But no problems exist without any solutions, so let’s just concentrate on the belly fat because this is the area where initial signs of obesity reflect. While exercising the proper diet should be maintained for the best results.So here is some exercise to reduce the belly fat.

1. Walking

It is a very simple and first step towards reducing the belly is a very effective way to burn away the ugly belly fat. If it is done for 40-45 minutes for at least four days per week and soon you will start to witness a gradual decrease.

2. Running

Running occasionally can also put a potential effect on the fat too; it can also keep your heart rate up and burn calories.

3. Cycling

This exercise is also known for the effective exercise to reduce the belly fat by burning calories.

4. Swimming

Swimming is the full body exercise which reduces the weight as well as tones up the body. Reducing weight depends on the tempo of the strokes and efforts put by you on your body and it will result in burning up of the calories.

5. Crunches

It is a catalytic belly fat burner exercise. This exercise is done anywhere without restricting yourself to the parks and outdoor.

How it is done:

• Lie down firmly on the mat with knees bend in front on the ground.

• Put your hands behind your head or keep them on your chest crossed.

• Inhale and lift your upper torso off the floor and exhale.

• Get back to the floor and repeat at least 10 times.

Exercise To Quick Weight Loss From Tummy

6. Twist crunches

It is the modified version of normal crunches and very effective to get rid of the tummy.

How it is done:

• Lie down on the floor with hands behind your head.

• Lift your legs up in the air at 900 and parallel with the ground.

• Lift your upper torso and try to touch your elbow with your opposite side knee and same for the other side and hence it will result in the twisting of your body when it will come in the motion.

• Repeat it at least 10 times.

7. Plank

Planking is the best remedy exercise for burning the fat as it includes the efforts and burning of the calories.

How it is done:

• Lie down on the ground with your face towards the ground.

• Keep your elbows on the ground and lift your body with help of toes and elbows, try to keep your body straight      throughout this whole process and put your efforts until failure.

• Include it with your normal exercise and try to maintain the position for at least 30 seconds.

8. Side Bends

This is exercise concentrates on the side fat of the belly.

How it is done:

• Stand straight and keep suitable distance between your feet and keep hands on the sides.

• Try to bend your body as much as you can to the right by keeping your legs grounded and same for the either side .Bend your body till you fills strain on the belly.

• Repeat for at least 15 secs by coming to the original standing position.

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