Understanding the Difference Between Eye Gel and Eye Cream

eye gel and eye cream

The thin, fragile skin near the eyes demands a little additional attention. While the skincare market is flooded with products that swear to mend the look of the skin near your eyes, it is essential to know the key differences between their two most common products: eye gels and eye creams.

Eye gel cream

Eye gels are of a lighter weight, yet still offer the type of influential results that creams offer. They are usually made with non-oily ingredients that are perched in water and are meant to fight aging skin and puffiness. Eye gels are particularly well-suited for those who have oily skin, as they do not weigh that fragile area down with needless fats. They are also perfect for wearing during the daytime as they are less likely to sweat off in the daylight. And they also wear wonderfully beneath makeup — they settle into the skin faster than soft creams and do not leave behind an oily or greasy finish.

eye gel cream

How do eye gels work?

For those who are mostly concerned with eyes that appear puffy or tired, an eye gel is a perfect solution. Eye gels do not add volume to the skin, but rather produce a cooling effect that is highly comforting to swollen skin. They absorb very fast. But do not be fooled into thinking this means they do not hydrate the skin. Gels can reverse signs of tiredness and aging and can enhance circulation in the area near the eye — an area that needs it badly.

Eye cream

Eye cream is a loaded mixture that pads the skin with intense hydration. These formulas are usually thick and augmented with oil and other beneficial ingredients that descend in deeply to soak the area with dampness. This moisturizing action plumps up the area, thus decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while assisting to refill tired-looking skin.

How does it work?

Eye creams are great products for dry skin in specific as they tauten and soothe infuriated areas. They are particularly efficient when used at night—these are the vital hours that your skin works overtime to heal and to restore your skin. Eye creams work perfectly on their own but may necessitate some time to settle into the skin when they are worn underneath makeup. If hydrating the skin near your eyes is your primary concern, then an eye cream is the elegant choice.

How does it work

Which product to use and when to use?

Deciding which product to use may be confusing, especially as there are so many diverse products. It is beneficial to take a few factors into account when selecting the right product.

If the skin around your eyes looks dry, then a hydrating eye cream can help. Massaging the surrounding eye area using an eye gel can improve circulation. As you grow older, your skin’s requirements will change, and so too will your eye care product preferences. Dark circles and hyperpigmentation become more common as you age. And to prevent such problems eye gel/cream can be used.

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